Best Way To Learn Japanese

Being Japanese, a lot of my friends ask me what is the best way to learn Japanese?

Well, aside from living in Japan for a few years and immersing yourself in the language, the next best thing is to take a Japanese language course and the best course I've found so far is called Rocket Japanese.

Rocket Japanese is an interactive learning course that you can learn at your own pace and the great thing about this course is you can do the whole thing right on your own computer. If you want to learn Japanese as quickly as possible, I'd say this is the best bang for your buck ($99.00).

I also like Rosetta Stone which is another very comprehensive Japanese learning software application but at $500.00+ I find it a little on the pricey side. Rocket Japanese is similar to Rosetta but most people actually find it easier to use. Its got a pretty unique visual learning system that enables you to start speaking Japanese literally in a matter of days.

That being said, if you're already speaking Japanese at a fairly fluent level, I wouldn't waste your money on it, as the program is really tailored for beginners and intermediate level speakers.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy learning Japanese and maybe I'll see you in Japan one day? ^_^